Secret Kept for Thousands of Years

Best Kept Secret

Only till I found out this secret, did I see light at the end of the tunnel.

secretAfter suffering through November of 2013, I decided I had to take charge of my health- MYSELF!  So on December 18th, 2013, I made an amazing discovery that wasn’t actually new to the world, but just to me.  Our ancestors knew about this all along.  So, do you want hear my secret?  I mean, this is the best kept secret of all time.  It dates back to the 3rd day of creation.  I mean, I have to admit, it’s not going to be a secret for long since I can’t keep my mouth shut about it.  I have to tell everyone I meet about this goodness!

Emotionally drained?

Physically drained? 

Need some support?  

Ok, I’ll give you a few hints….

  • Been used thousands of years and was even mentioned in the Bible (hundreds of times)
  • Can be used on your skin
  • Can be added to your food
  • Can bring back fond memories
  • Can be used for cosmetic purposes
  • Can travel past the blood brain barrier
  • Has very volatile compounds- over 3,000 varieties, too!  Volatile means that they are small organic molecules and tend to change states quickly- like liquid to gas
  • Helps protect plants- it’s their life blood
  • Aids in plant pollination
  • Potent, like very potent
  • Quickly moves through the air and interacts with our olfactory sensors in the nose

So, you’ve probably figured it out by now.  This wonderful secret is hidden in the flowers, bark, sap, needles, and roots of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees.

The cold pressed and low-heat distilled essential oils are extracted from living greenery that grows all over the world.  There it is!  I said it- ESSENTIAL OILS!  I started off with 11 oils, using 2 of them daily, every 2 hours.  After 2 days, I was a believer.  I now have shelves of them!  Each have their own secret weapon!

I get angry about these oils alot.  

I mean, why was I 43 years of age before I found out about this liquid goodness?  

As a society, we have turned to quick fixes and boxed store chemical laden concoctions that promise the moon while covering up the issue.  They have pretty boxes with stamps of approval so we think it’s okay to use.  Do you know how toxic those items are?

Here, in small amber bottles, we have a solution that God gave us that is 100% natural and works with our DNA and blood seamlessly

Within 2 seconds of smelling or applying an essential oil, the molecules have reached our brain.

Within 20 seconds, the molecules are in our bloodstream.  

Just after 2 minutes, the molecules have reached every cell in our body and is making a difference for the good!  Cells heal and regenerate more healthy cells.  No drug has ever done that.

I encourage you to take charge of the health and wellness of your family.  Don’t wait until sickness hits and then run to hand over a copay to try to get someone to fix it and make it all better.  Take daily steps to support your body systems.

Let me help you!  I have a passion to work with families who want better out of life.  Who want to spend their days playing and having fun.  Those who want to enjoy each other and make the most of the time they have been given.

Let me help you help yourself and your family!  Well wishes, Angie

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