Cyber Monday Doesn’t Disappoint

I have a product that I rely in DAILY…and guess what?  It’s the selected product to be on sale for CYBER MONDAY!  How did I get so dang lucky?  Let me share about this Jesus juice…

🍷Ningxia Red: Antioxidant Supplement powerhouse that supports every single body system. Provides trace minerals, amino acids, Infused with Citrus oils, and more. The people of the Ningxia region in China believe the Ningxia Wolfberry is the secret sauce to their incredible wellness and longevity of life.

💥 Ningxia NITRO: Physical and mental energy booster in a tiny tube! Skip the energy drink and grab a NITRO. Infused with essential oils, botanical extracts, D-ribose, Korean ginseng, and green tea extract, NITRO supports both physical and cognitive fitness 💪.

⚡️Zyng: Sparkling drink lovers unite with this delicious essential- oil infused goodness. Zyng contains the same wolfberry purée found in Ningxia Red, with sparkling water, pear and blackberry juices and a hint of lime and black pepper vitality oils! Not only delicious, but perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up without artificial flavors and preservatives.

So, what’s the sale?

👉15 % off Ningxia Red 2 pack
(Free Red shot included)
👉15 % off Ningxia Red 4 pack
(free Red Shot Included)
👉 15 % off Ningxia Red 2 oz. Singles
(Free Red Shot included)
👉 15 % off Ningxia Nitro
(Free Red Shot included)
👉 15 % off Zyng
(Free Red Shot Included)

Let me fill you in on the Red Shot goodness:

🔥 Red Shot: A blend of tangerine, mandarin, lime, grapefruit, cassia, and spearmint. You know that Red Hot candy? That’s what it tastes like to me! 😂This oil is priceless because we can’t buy it in the virtual office. We were able to grab some at convention and it’s in the Club Red Holiday set, but that’s it! It also contains Cassia, an essential oil we can only get in the Oils of Ancient Scripture kit! So um, yeah I’m gonna be grabbing up a few of these. Cassia is fabulous for the immune system and cardiovascular system and those citrus oils are all vitality oils that are immune system support powerhouses! And Spearmint Vitality is great for the digestive system, weight management, and it’s actually a big oil for your emotional well being by opening up and releasing emotional blocks.

Also, there are a few select oils on sale today!
👉 15 % off these three Vitality oils: Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, and Lime

🌱 Peppermint Vitality: Add some extra freshness to your Ningxia shots with a drop of peppermint vitality! Use as a natural breath freshener, add a drop to some tea or your bullet proof ☕️ coffee and let your inner Energizer 🐰Bunny out! And support your Digestive system while you’re at it!
🍁 Cinnamon Bark Vitality: Who loves sweet and spicy? 🙋 Add a drop of this to your Ningxia for some 🔥 heat! Perfect to add to your holiday baking as well. Beyond the yummy flavor this oil supports the digestive system and is great for heart health too. Bam!
🍈 Lime Vitality: My go-to oil to add to Ningxia and of course all the guacamole you could ever eat. But did you also know this oil supports the respiratory and immune system? Yup! Tasty and good for your body too!! Give me all the Lime Vitality.

Wanna know the secret to getting even more FREE PRODUCTS?

  • If you were to purchase ALL these goodies at 15% off, it would be $328.95pv.  This means you would get FIVE bottles Red Shot for FREE….AND ALL the YL November promos (FREE Frankincense, Ornament, Pine & Eucalyptus)- this is OVER $330 back in FREE products. Wherelse can you spend $328.95 and get that much back in FREE product?  Nowhere really. 

SALE runs Monday, 11/27/2017 from 8am MT till midnight MT.

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