I love to give away prizes and free samples!  It makes my heart happy to see others receive gifts- and oily ones at that!

So, how can YOU earn chances at winning a FREE Young Living Dewdrop diffuser AND a bottle of essential oil?  It’s easy!IMG_0967

You will earn 1 chance for EVERY option you complete:

  1. Subscribe to my blog here where it shows the black box “Get Email  Updates”.  Enter your info!
  2. Watch this short 2 min video.  Be sure to enter your information so that I can enter you for the contest!
  3. Like my Facebook page.
  4. Follow me on Twitter and mention me (@angiereynolds22) in a post suggesting others to follow me. Use hashtag #oiladdictprize in your post!
  5. Follow me on Instagram and mention me (@angiereynolds22) in a post to suggest others to follow me.  Use hashtag #oiladdictprize in your post!
  6. Watch this Facebook Video and then SHARE it!  Be sure to use the hashtag #oiladdictprize.

The prize will be awarded to one lucky recipient on Sunday, September 4th, 2016!  Good luck!

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