Don’t Buy Last Year’s Calendar

October 7, 2016 0 Comment

Calendar From The Past

Deal or no deal?

I recently received an email advertising for a deeply discounted calendar…for the current year… with just 2 months left of 2016.  It’s true that they were only $1 each.   Really nice calendars, but why would I need that?  Why would you want one?  If you had used the calendar all year long, you could use it to look back and reflect on what all you accomplished during those 365 days, or see how much time you wasted.  You could take important recurring dates you need to remember and note them for the next year. However, if you didn’t already have one to use throughout the current year, why would you buy one now?  Senseless.  A waste.calendar past present future

It appears that the company needs to find someone who likes what appears to be a deal.  But, is it really a deal when you don’t need it?

I used to be the world’s worse of finding ‘deals’ that I didn’t need.  I finally got smart and realized that it is only a deal if you can use it.  Otherwise, you’re just handing over hard earned money to help someone else move junk off of their shelves to make room for new product.  Do you really need last years calendar?  Why do people still have piles of yellow pages that are out of date?  After you finish reading this, go throw those out!

In summary, spend your time, energy, and efforts on the things ahead.  Only look back if it helps you change your future for the better.  Take the $1 you would have spent on last year’s calendar and invest it into something with a greater return.  Use the $1 to do good, to be a blessing to others, or on a true deal. A $1 spent on last year’s calendar will give you nothing but scratch paper.  Here’s to looking ahead!

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