Dandelion Wishes and Dreams

June 27, 2019 0 Comment

I recently met up with a friend over a meal to talk about where God has led us in each of our journeys of life. In her bag of goodies for me, she pulled out a glass jar that held a huge dandelion. Aside from the token of Gods creation that is evident in this jar, it held a sweet reminder of wishes and dreams. Those things that are often not tangible at the moment. It’s the hearts desires. The intangible things. Just like the friendship that I have with this soul sister of mine. Needless to say, my eyes filled with tears.

At the age of 49, I reflect back to the last 10 years. It was only till then (those last 3650 days), that I allowed myself to dream. To have wishes. To go after those things that truly make me who I am.

⁉️Why do we not allow ourselves time to just simply dream?

⁉️What hinders us from putting an action plan into place and to go after those dreams?

⁉️Is it fear?

⁉️Is it a worry that you are not going to please others?

We are not on this earth to ensure that everyone else gets what they want out of life. You need to do you. You can do the hard things. I am only saying this because I have been there. I can relate. If nothing else, take an hour to be alone with God, and to allow yourself to dream. Find out who you are. Find out what those things are that you love, and do them. A life is meant for living. Not dying.

Thank you Cindy Trippe Wentworth for my prized gift of the heart and for being a true friend! Hugs