Dunn Inspired Ornaments

October 27, 2018 0 Comment

Dunn got inspired for some cute ornaments (see how I did that there).  Rae Dunn, that is.  While Rae Dunn is really cute, it can get costly when you get the fever.  Instead of spending $12.99 for 4 ornaments, how about making 16 for just $14?

  1. Purchase white ornaments from Michael’s.  Be sure to snag their latest coupons from their website before getting to the register to pay.  Here’s the link!  Or, if you want shatterproof ornaments, buy a set of 32 here.  These would be great for kids to craft with!
  2. Next, download the free font “The Skinny”.  You can find it here.
  3. Use your Cameo Silhouette, or similar, to design and cut out your decals for your ornaments.  Be sure to measure your ornament, making the decal the correct height and width to fit accordingly.  Christmas themed words or family members names would be great choices.
  4. Add a cute bow and enjoy!

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