Newborn Baby Pics

October 23, 2018 0 Comment

Newborn baby pics scared me.  Not the actual photographing, but the baby staging part.  Seriously, I watched so many YouTube videos on how to pose a newborn.  I thought, there is NO WAY that my new grandson will let me prop and maneuver him around, and him stay sound asleep.  Y’all, he was perfect!!!  Slept like a baby.  How in the world did I not know that a baby can sleep through so much?  Baby’s are fragile, but they also can get sleepy milk drunk and let you take advantage of their cuteness with a camera in hand.

Pro Tips:

  • Have your area set up and ready for when the baby finishes nursing.  You want them full and content.
  • Learn how to swaddle a baby in advance.  You can buy the swaddle wraps in various colors.
  • Ensure that the room temperature is nice and cozy.  If cool, place a heating pad under the blankets for comfort.
  • Floor cushions make a great foundation.  They are comfy and soft.  I purchased mine from Ross for less than $10.  You can also find them at Amazon.
  • Alternate background colors and textures with blankets, tablecloths, foam board, or furs.
  • Take photos from different angles.
  • Use props that resonate with the family.  Example:  My son loves baseball and fishing.
  • Use props that are special to the family.  Example:  bears given to the baby by close loved ones.  Also, homemade blankets crocheted by grand parents can be easy to implement in the photographs.
  • Edit your photos with different filters to get a variety of looks.
  • Use props for the gender.  For my grandson, we loved the dump truck and bow-ties.

Baby’s grow up way to fast.  Don’t let the time get by you without capturing their look at just a week old, or a month old, and so on.  Photographs are a treasure to me, but not nearly as much as this perfect little human we love!

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