Loofahs are Grown from Dirt

Loofahs are grown from dirt.  Surprised?  Don’t feel bad.  Many people think that loofah sponges are recovered from the ocean.  Those would be sea sponges and are different. Around year 2000, my dad found some seeds in my grandparents old utility room.  He had no idea what the seeds were.  He later found some grown

Cords Contained

Cords contained?  Yes, it is possible.  Two containers full of loose cords were neatly, and quickly, wrapped and placed in an inexpensive over-the-door shoe holder.   I have tips on wrapping cords, too.  Check out this post! Sort the cords and miscellaneous electronic accessories, throwing away what you do not need.  If you haven’t used it

Onesie Ready

My first grand is due in just a few days.  I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it.  I had purchased plain white onesies a month or so ago.  Time is running out for me to get them from bland to fabulous.  I normally am not one to procrastinate, but I did with this

Wonky Donkey

Wonky Donkey.  A funny set of words, but a viral video by a Scottish grandmother is what brought attention to the book by Craig Smith.  The grandmother sits down to read her grand his new book.  As she gets further and further into the book, her laugh is simply contagious.  Tears stream down her face.  The longer