Santa has Laundry too

October 24, 2018 0 Comment

Santa has Laundry too.  He does, it’s true.  This cute little line of laundry is a great way to show that you still believe during the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

To the right of this laptop (currently typing on), is a laser color printer.  To the left, a Cameo Silhouette.  I wanted to be able to print images, and then cut those images out.  I wanted to marry these two devices.  I knew the possibilities were there, but the knowledge was not.  So, what did I do in this dilemma?  I did what I normally do.  I opened up my YouTube app and found a video.  In less than 8 minutes, I had expanded my skill set.  Well, okay, it took 8 minutes to learn how to do it.  It took 2 pieces of paper and about 5 additional minutes to actually try it.  IT WORKED!  Oh, the possibilities are endless now for crafting.

A quick run to our scrap wood pile gave me the background for this adorable clothes line.  And I’m so glad I picked up those mini clothes pins at the dollar store a week ago.   This project was literally FREE from what I had on hand.  Or, $1 if you want to argue the clothes pins, and I only used about 10 cents worth of them.  It’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity and a willingness to learn something new.

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