Daily Muse

Prior journaling sessions usually consisted of a summary of the days events combined with a few thankful thoughts. Never have I ever included the lighthearted funny moments of life, or the crazy ideas that come to mind. Was I molded into a writing pattern unknowingly influenced by worldly standards? Today, I’ve consciously decided that there is a benefit of capturing more of the things in life that I love, like laughter. What adventures did I take? What life lessons did I learn? What opportunities did I take? What feelings did I experience? How did I live my best life today? What song did I enjoy today? Did I spend time doing the things I love? Did I learn the meaning of a new word? Did I spread kindness? Did I have an ah-ha moment? I guess we will soon find out. Daily Muse will not be penned daily, if I’m being honest. Some days will be more entertaining than others. Some days will simply be monotonous. Such is life. I will continue to be more intentional in living and capturing the details along the way. The journey of life is where it’s at.

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