Ladies, We Need To Talk

Ladies, listen up! For EVERY day that you wear makeup, you are aging your face by 7 days. I want to look good when I’m 50,60,70 and thereafter. I’m doing what I can now! Plus, I don’t want cancer! Y’all know that toxic chemicals means that they cause cancer and hormone issues, right? #aintnobodygottimefordat

I stopped wearing foundation this time last year. I cannot being to tell you how much better my skin is! YES….I WAS SCARED at first! It was REALLY hard for this freckled face chick to do it, but I’m so proud that I did!!!!#fistbump Go ahead, go creep my FB and look at my photo’s….yep…no foundation!!!!!!

On average, a woman applies 300 chemicals to her body DAILY through soap, makeup, shampoo, and hair care. 80 of those are applied BEFORE BREAKFAST! Your skin is the biggest organ of your body…think of what runs all over it the next time you’re in the shower!

Let’s do better, okay?! You can make your own facial powder that is non-toxic and cheap! You just apply it with a brush.   Here’s a hint: It has chocolate in it! You’ll smell divine!

So, do you want the recipe?

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