Navigating the Rollercoaster: Phantom Pains and Prescriptions

Date: November 1, 2023

The last few days have been a continuation of the same journey, with occasional phantom pains scattered along my jawline and chin. There have even been a few fleeting sensations on the right side of my face, on my chin. I’m fervently hoping that these are simply echoes of the issues on my left side, not new troubles arising on the right.

This morning, however, stood out. I experienced more phantom pains than I have in recent days. It wasn’t until this afternoon that I unraveled the mystery. I won’t bore you with the details, but one of my primary prescriptions wasn’t taken as scheduled this morning. The revelation was enlightening. It indicates that the prescription is indeed helping. While I’m not in excruciating pain, I know the issue still lingers. The block has clearly played a pivotal role in alleviating the discomfort, along with medications, supplements, essential oils, chiropractic care, and laser treatments.

Currently, I have scheduled chiropractic sessions every Wednesday. Today’s visit was business as usual. My chiropractor adjusted the usual spots, applied the tens unit to my neck and shoulders, and administered a laser treatment to my jaw. While I’ve dedicated several years to holistic care, I’m not averse to Western medicine. Trigeminal Neuralgia has me scouring for every possible solution. Maybe, one day, we’ll find a cure, and I can gradually eliminate some of these protocols. But for now, I’m content with what’s working to maintain pain at a tolerable level.

There’s one aspect I might not have mentioned before, but it’s crucial for historical and documentation purposes. Since my block, I’ve encountered difficulty when attempting to make a “shushing” sound. I noticed that my lips don’t cooperate as they should. Today, while in the restroom, I observed my lips in the mirror while making that sound. On the side affected by TN, my upper lip seemed to droop down. I quickly sent a video to my sister, who works with the doctors that perform the block. She forwarded it to them to ensure there were no additional issues, like a stroke. One of my eyes has always appeared squintier than the other, so I wanted to ensure they were aware of that in advance. My smile remains intact, so I believe this may be a side effect of the block or a result of living with this condition. Just don’t ask me to recite tongue twisters that begin with the letters “SH.” I have included that video for your entertainment. It’s OK to laugh, because it’s a pretty funny video.

For now, I can carry on with my day without excessive hindrance. When the phantom pains become more persistent, I turn to my essential oils for relief. With my trusty pill organizer in action, I can distribute my medications evenly throughout the day, ensuring I have continuous coverage.

As always, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you for following along on my journey, offering your unwavering support.

Stay tuned for more updates as I navigate life with Trigeminal Neuralgia.

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