Sticky Essential Oil Caps

Have you noticed how difficult it is to open up a bottle of myrrh essential oil that hasn’t been used for a while? Vetiver can be the same way.

Because myrrh is a resin-based essential oil, it can get sticky as it oxidizes. When myrrh essential oil gets on the inside of the bottle cap, it can actually seal your bottle shut.

💡A great way to prevent this from happening is to coat the inside of the lid with fractionated coconut oil! Just fill the cap with fractionated coconut oil so it covers everywhere inside the cap. Then pour it out and screw the lid back on the bottle. No more sticky lid!

💡 Extra Tip: If your lid is already sealed onto the bottle, find a new/recycled lid. Once your had the old lid off, repeat the step above with your new/recycled lid and you’ll be ready for future use.

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