2023 Life List

2 Years ago, Dennis and I were driving through the Smokey Mountains. I was thinking about the new year that was just ahead. I had a TOTALLY NEW PROSPECTIVE. Ideas began to flow. A new FEELING came over me…a feeling of being free and living. NOT the feeling you feel when you think of resolutions. We all tend to get pumped up about resolutions initially, and then when we fail a few days/weeks/months down the line, we feel regret, sadness, ….. failure.

I have a way around that! I love the term BUCKET LIST, but I have a better term…. LIFE LIST. A list of things we can experience as we focus on LIVING our best lives. I used my Life Lists since 2021 to drive my adventures. SUCCESS! I’m going to share with you my template for the upcoming 2023. It’s FREE for you to use. PRINT IT OUT and COMPLETE IT. Complete it as an individual, or sit down with your family and make a list to complete together. I can’t wait to hear what you are wanting to experience in 2023. Let’s make the most of the 365 days we are given each year….or until the Lord calls us home. Let’s LIVE!

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