Are We More Alike Or Different

As I sit here in my PJ’s at 9:56 am, I reflect on how blessed I am to be working from home on this cool rainy morning on my screened-in porch. I think how most had to shower, apply makeup, and get actual clothes on to drive to an office (hopefully a building with windows).

The thing is this, maybe that’s what others want. Maybe we are both living our best life right now. Not everyone likes to work from home. I admit that it takes work to actually work from home. Discipline.

Having worked in an office for most of my life, I personally enjoy my make-shift-office here from home. I still work, but it’s different. No time-clock. No boss (except me as my own boss and I’m pretty tough on myself). No stinky fish in the break room. I don’t have to wear shoes…or a bra. Shall I go on?

So, are we more alike or different?

  • Do you enjoy your day-to-day activities and responsibilities?
  • Do you enjoy where your work, and more importantly, the people you work with?
  • Are you working toward goals?
  • Do you even have goals?
  • Are you self-improving every day?
  • How was your morning cup of coffee?
  • Did you take a look at your business stats for the day?
  • Do you have an array of healthy foods on hand you can eat today?
  • Are you going to take a walk for physical and mental health?
  • Are you listening to music while you work because it does your heart good?
  • Do you write in a Gratitude Journal throughout the day listing out all of the God-winks?
  • Are you building meaningful relationships?
  • Are you dreaming about your upcoming vacation plans?
  • Are you having creative ideas pop up throughout the day?
  • Are you looking on ways to improve life in general and make things simpler?
  • Did you weigh this morning to see your progress?
  • Have you scrolled through social media platforms to see what everyone else is doing, feeling, or sharing?
  • Did you pause to think if you needed to start a load of laundry?
  • Do you have squirrel moments, too?
  • Have you thought about what good can you can do for someone today?
  • Did you Google a Bible verse that came to mind?
  • Did you write a blog post?

Is this my full day? No , just a peek into me. Who I am. What I do. What I’m about. Atleast, where I am for the day thus far. Every day is different in ways, but also the same.

Some people love routine. Some love change. I’m the latter. While there are somethings that I do on the regular (like eat healthy), I like to change things up (different food choices that are healthy). This is me in a nutshell with all parts of me.

What I find the most, is that we are all more alike than different in this world. While there are Debbie Downers, most truly want more out of life. Most want to succeed, at whatever it is they want to succeed at. No one likes to fail. We all have fears. We rise above. We find ways to leave the mundane behind. We make daily choices. We are alike, right? We try to inspire rather than tear down. You too, right?

Please share with me. Are we more alike than different?

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