Cleaning Confessions

This clean sink is the result of hiring someone to clean my house 🏡 . Embarrassed. This is how I felt when I hired her to come every other week. Embarrassed, because I felt that I was letting my family down, as well as myself. So much guilt. I was also embarrassed for anyone to see my filth.
At the time I hired her, it was during the school year and I was keeping my grandson (I’ve been off for the the summer). I was running several home businesses and creating other streams of revenue. I needed help to get this house good and clean. I was wiping down counters, keeping the floor swept (thanks to my Roomba named Rosie), doing laundry, cooking and cleaning dishes, and such. But, I needed the house good and clean for my sanity…the whole house clean all at once, vs my cleaning a little every day. I’m a better person when my house is in order and clean!

First of all, why was I feeling so much guilt? When I tell you that I felt this guilt, know that it was deep in the pit of my stomach like a weight. I was letting the worry and concern of what others would think about me transform into guilt. Even though I have the cash to pay her, I was feeling guilt from what others may think of how I was spending my money. Do y’all know how stupid this is? I never go around judging other people for hiring help or for how they spend their money. So why was I worrying about this for my life? Lame.

In reality, this is been the best money I’ve ever spent. It has also given me a chance to pour into another locally owned business and provides a means for my friend to make money for her family. This has truly been a win-win for everyone.

My husband jokes that before she arrives to clean, I clean the house. There may be a little bit of truth to that. Honestly, I just knock off the first layer of dirt. Clearly, I don’t clean. It’s a pig-sty.

I feel that as a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a friend, and a wife….we want to be the superhero with all of the powers to get all of the things done. You know…it’s okay when we don’t. How about this- I AM a superhero. I found a resourceful way to get it all done AND to support my friends housecleaning business. I’m able to pay her while I invest my time working to make my businesses even more successful. Time well spent.
Here…take this. This is your “get out of jail free card” 🎫 for any guilt you may be feeling for any of the dumb things the devil plants in our hearts and minds. Giving yourself grace is one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn. It’s time you do the same.

Now, raise your hand if you need a Kim Johnson in your life to clean your grime away?!!!

P.S. if you want to pay someone to do anything, it’s your prerogative. It’s okay even if you are just a lazy sloth. It’s your life…you do you! #nojudgementzone

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