Dollar Deals turned Christmas Decor

Dollar deals turned Christmas decor, thanks to Target.  As soon as you enter a Target store, you’ll see a small section of items ranging from $1 to $5.  Some items are ‘ready to give’ or ‘ready for displaying’, while other items are supplies for crafting.  A little creativity is all you need to make these items your own.

Tonight’s Christmas Crafting with my sisser (yes, that’s spelled correctly), involved me working on a few easy projects.  And, as common with most of my posts, these projects were cheap.  I really prefer the word “thrifty”.

Chalkboard ornaments– Bought from Target for $3 (3 to a pack).  Each blackboard area is about 2 1/4″ x 3 3/4″. With a little help from my Cameo Silhouette, these ornaments were completed with cute sayings.  Literally, it took just a few minutes to complete.   Options are endless here!  You could customize with family names and use as gift tags (to be also used as ornaments). Free SVG file here of some of our recent sayings we used.  You can always go to Pinterest to find ideas of sayings.

Wall Hanging– This wooden round hanger was yelling for creativity.  A popular hip saying is “or nah”.  We say it often in our family as something fun.  In the Christmas spirit, I decided on the saying “Naughty or nah”.  I will probably go back and add a bow to the top, but I’m trying to decide on the color/style.  With a little tape, paint (in this years Christmas color scheme), and a decal cut from my Cameo Silhouette, this proved to be another cute and quick DIY.  My FREE SVG file can be downloaded here.

Please know that when you see something you like in the Target dollar bins, snatch it up.  It just might not be there the next day!  You’ll find yourself driving all around town to different locations finding that item you once saw.

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