What Do You Want? TD! What’s that? Touchdown!

What Do You Want? TD!  What’s that?  Touch Down!

Football Games:

Peppy cheerleaders prompt footfall fans to join them in this popular cheer.  Signs are held and people scream louder and louder hoping to get their offCheer for a touchdownensive players to cross the goal line with a prize of 6 points for the touchdown.  Clearly, everyone at the game knows what they want!  Clearly!

Game of Life:

Reflecting on my life, I realized that I had spent the majority of my 46 years not really knowing what I wanted.  I mean, there were some things on my ‘list’, but not to the granular level that I have now.  We hope for a nice home, children, a good job, a dependable vehicle, affectionate spouse, etc.  Forget the materialistic wants.  I’m not really that person.  THINGS just don’t matter as much to me.

Only till my life was turned upside down did I really figure out what I truly wanted and what was important.  I found out that I didn’t know what my taste really was for color or design.  When you take the rush of daily activities out of the way , what are the things that bring you happiness….true happiness?  I pretty much fell into the trap of whatever was handed to me was what I got. Seemed like I couldn’t think for myself.  No touchdown here!

Consequently, I found out that there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored.  We can’t experience those things by sitting in our house.  Go to your local newspaper site and explore upcoming events. Furthermore, what about all of the delicious foods that God has given us.  Only till the past month did I find out that I LOVED smashed carrots.  I had always ate them raw.  They taste totally different boiled, drained, and then smashed with a dab of butter.  There are a few more vegetables that are on my list to try like jicama and kohlrabi.  Maybe if my local grocery would get them back in stock, I’ll try them sooner than later.

While I often looked awkward at the people who “expressed themselves”, I’m finding myself there right along with them now.  I’m not the mainstream person I used to be.  As a result, I read more.  I try new things.  I’m finally forming the real “Angie”.   Maybe she was there all along and I’m just chiseling away to find her inside.  Rather than looking at others, I look internally for what I want and who I want to be.

Whatever makes your heart happy,

do those things!

Starting a New Game for a Touchdown:

Here are a few things you just might like as a start to your journey to find yourself:

  • Stand barefoot in cool grass under the shining sun with your eyes shut and arms outstretched.
  • Sit in a park alone listening to children laugh.
  • Sit on the bank of a creek with the cool waters running over your feet.
  • Look at paint colors in a home department store.
  • Gently touch the leaves of a lambs ear plant.  Now shut your eyes and do it again.
  • Find a local musician to sit and listen to.  Tip them.  It will do your heart good.
  • Hold the hand of your elderly family member reminiscing of the good ol’ days.
  • Find a friend with bee hives and taste fresh honey.
  • Set up your lawn chair in the yard and sit in the quietness viewing the stars.
  • Find murals in your city and just enjoy the colors and shapes.  Graffiti counts too.

Start with the simple things to just enjoy your surrounding…nature and people you love.  Try to use all of your senses.  When you figure out what you truly want, you can yell to the top of your lungs. Just forego the cheerleader signs unless you find that making them brings happiness….then create them too.  Finally, purge the junk that weighs you down.  I mean, how can you run to the end zone for a touchdown when you are carrying extra weight?  This means relationships, clutter, excessive clothes, etc.  Less is so much more!  Most of all, go create YOU!  I’m cheering you on.  As a result, we will all yell TOUCHDOWN!


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