Why I stopped using CBD OIL

Back to the basics of knowing oil and water doesn’t mix, why did I ever think that I would absorb 100% of an oil based CBD? I mean, it worked for a while. But then it stopped. I then heard story after story from others about their oil based CBD no longer working, too.

A friend told me how her dog’s liver enzymes were elevated- she had been using the pet oil CBD extensively.

Wait! Let me dig a little deeper into this and seek out an alternative. Go ahead and google “CBD oil absorption rate”. Don’t take my word for stating it’s 5% – 15%. You’ll find the proof on the inter-webs.

Low and behold, there are active studies going on researching the long term affects of oil-based CBD on the liver. You can find information at ProjectCBD.org.

Let me just also say, YOU HAVE OPTIONS. OIL based CBD’s is NOT all there is. An option were the absorption rate is 99.999% instead of 5% – 15% with the oil based product IS available. An option where CBD is water soluble and EASILY absorbed.

I am now an Elite Rep with a revolutionary biotech company. This company takes pride in providing the first ever, oil-free supplement line on the market for the highest quality nutrition/vitamin supplements. Not ALL supplements have CBD, so if this isn’t “your thing”, no worries. We have supplements for building your immune system, providing a better nights sleep, helping with weight loss, and more!

Our BioCX technology is backed by scientific research and third party EEG testing, and designed specifically to help our bodies return to it’s most natural state, functioning homeostasis! Please reach out. I would love to help you live your best life!

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