6 Ways to Sunday

6 Ways to Sunday

I love DIY projects and I love to bless others with gifts.  I’ve combined two of my favorite things to make a cute and functional gift for oily friends. I’m referring to this as “6 ways to Sunday”.  This cute hinged tin with a window contains a set of 6 empty roller-bottles.  Each roller-bottle has a silver strip of washi tape on the cap as well as a decal specifying a number between 1 and 6.   On the back of the tin, there is a clear business card holder attached.  This holds the paper insert allowing the recipient to notate what blend they have included in each of their bottles.

While some choose to include words such as “sleep”, “energy”, “stress”, etc., I prefer to give the user full control of choosing the blends that best fit the needs for them and their family.   Thus, the reference page on the underside of the tin.

Alter the colors of the numbered decals and washi tape (various colors and patterns) to have unlimited design options.

Cost Breakdown:

Total cost:  $5.06

Package your cute “6 Ways to Sunday” in an organza bag (just $.15 each) with a blending recipe book (coming soon!). Include a personal note of gratitude along with words to ensure your recipient knows that this gift is a great way for them to customize their investment, saving them money at the same time.

Here’s the progression of this easy DIY project:

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