New Book Released!

There wasn’t a book out there for my needs, so I learned the hard way.  I compiled my experiences, and wrote the book myself!

Clever, witty, and chock full of fun recipes like “Lady Boss”, “Squirrel!”, and ”Chill Out Dude”, you’ll learn how to maximize your essential oil investment with ease through roller-bottle blends. Plus, you’ll find clever tips for hosting classes with the cost break down for all 39 recipes. And just how many drops are in a teaspoon? That’s included in this guide as well! Are you struggling to grow your business? Do you want your friends and family to experience the benefits of essential oils? This guide will explain how easy it is to gift samples to others on the cheap. You’ll be remembered for your cute and educational samples! STOP what you are doing! DROP on in for lots of hearty education! ROLL right into making fun roller-bottle blends!

Free shipping with Amazon Prime!  Order here!  Discounts for bulk orders coming soon!


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