Failure Is Not An Option

It’s only the 2nd day into the new year. Why would I be blogging about FAILURES of resolutions so soon? To encourage you…keep reading!

Out of the gate, you may be crushing your newfound goals. It’s possible that you make it through 2-3 days, a week, or even a month. Very few will stick with their goals for 365 days. Good luck, I hope you’re one of those few who do! I really do.

Why do we fail?

Did we not want “the thing” bad enough? Did we set too high of expectations for ourselves? Did life just happen and get in the way? Did we miss one day and decided it wasn’t worth it to pick up and keep going? This is usually me. When I miss a day, I feel like a failure and say, “I’ve failed, so why should I continue?”. This is the opposite of what I should be doing. I’m trying to do better in this area, giving myself grace and starting again.

Risk Mitigation

In a prior life when working in a cubicle, I was a Project Manager. I worked consistently with identify and managing risks. I was responsible for coming up with a mitigation plan which involved a list of actions to reduce an organization’s exposure to potential risks and reduce the likelihood that those risks will happen again.

Now, back to you…what are some of the resolutions that you have for this year? What can you do to mitigate the risk of failing at those said items that YOU felt was important?

STEP 1: Make a list of the things that MIGHT cause you to fail. These are your RISKS.

As an example, if you are wanting to live a KETO lifestyle, what are some of the things that cause you to fail?

  • Being hangy and eating carbs
  • Lack of healthy snacks
  • Lack of knowledge of what to eat
  • Not getting into ketosis
  • Not understanding macros
  • …and the list goes on

Step 2: Take each RISK and let’s come up with ways to mitigate each. What are some things that would help ensure that the risk does not happen.

  • Being hangy (hunger turning to anger) and eating carbs
    • Drink more water
    • Eat in a timely manner throughout the day vs getting to the point of starving
    • Have keto-approved snacks with you at all times
    • Remove unhealthy carbs from reach
    • Looking at your written goal and maybe a picture of yourself from years past of where you are trying to get back to.
    • Focusing on why you do NOT need the carb filled food
    • Get your mind off of the hunger by taking a walk to grab a healthy snack.
  • Lack of convenient healthy snacks
    • Make a list of keto-approved snacks and then go shopping!
    • Place keto-approved snacks in different areas where they are easily accessible (car, purse, back pack, etc.)
  • Lack of knowledge of what to eat
    • Pinterest and Google will be your best friend.
    • Join FB groups
    • Search hashtags in social media
  • Not getting into ketosis
    • Be sure that you are counting your macros.
    • Use ketone strips as necessary. A Keto-Mojo blood testing monitor is the ultimate ketone checker!
    • Use an all natural product like to get you into ketosis naturally in 1-2 hours. No exogenous ketones or BHB salts. This has helped when I’m less than perfect with Keto. Perfection is not required when you have
  • Not understanding macros
    • Lack of knowledge is not acceptable. Google is FULL of information at your fingertips.
    • Join FB groups and learn from experienced keto gurus.

FAILURE is NOT an OPTION. If you temporarily mess up, it’s not the end of the world. You restart…doing better from this moment on. Give yourself grace. Identify the risk and do better at mitigating it going forward.

For me, I didn’t make resolutions at all for 2021. This is an easy way to not fail at them, huh? For the new year of 2021, I decided to make a Life List (opposite of a bucket list). This list would be experiences I would like to do to LIVE life fuller. You can find the details here!

I can’t wait to hear all about your resolutions/Life List, as well as your Risk Mitigation. I’m cheering you on! Keep me posted on how you’re doing.

Thanks for reading. Please share with your friends if you found that this brought you value.

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