FearFULL or FearLESS

I’ve been working with some of my closest friends with some of their personal business goals. I’ve started to see a major trend in the initial conversation in that they are fearFULL instead of fearLESS. They have negative thoughts and feelings that have them paralyzed. They will overcome this! I promise you that!
It seems that so much of my life right now comes back to situations like this (negativity in their lives). I feel that God has blessed me with encouraging words and a desire to help my friends.
I worked to receive my certificate as an AFT Practitioner in September. I would say this part of my journey to help others identify and work through negativity started then. Actually, I believe God worked in me prior to then because I have gone through lots of negativity in my life and can relate now to others.

One of my favorite sayings: The only difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone, is how you use them.
I am currently reading a few books and they all are focused on the NEGATIVITY that hold us back from our true desires of our heart. This was NOT the intention when the books were selected. God has lined this up- again His ways are higher than mine!
God does NOT want you to be timid and depressed and stuck! God wants your to thrive and bloom!!! He wants to give you the desires of your li
fe! His WORD tells us this!
We all have had less-than-pleasing experiences in our life that may have shaped our current mentality, but I will tell you this…the devil is a LIAR. You do NOT have to be STUCK in that mindset!!!!
If you like to read, here are two of my suggestion:
If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation for an AFT session (Aroma Freedom Technique), just message me. I can tell you more about what it entails. I promise that it doesn’t hurt. LOL You will go from feeling defeated to determined.

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