KETO French Dip Chaffle

Just when you think you can’t have a sandwich due to carbs in bread, you find out there are options- good ones! You have landed here for a French Dip Chaffle recipe that will curb the hankering for a comforting warm sandwich.

Get our you’re mini waffle maker! Let’s get to cooking.

See the following recipes for ingredients you’ll need. You’ll also need Provolone cheese slices.

* For this French Dip Chaffle, you’ll need a slow cooked roast. This is my easy Mississippi Roast recipe.

* You’ll use the Basic Chaffle Recipe found here.

Let’s make the French Dip Chaffle:

Preheat oven to 350′. On a lined baking sheet, lay down one of the chaffles, adding some of the roast (not with juices) on top. Add a slice of provolone cheese. Bake for just a few moments until the cheese is melted. Add the other chaffle on top. In a small bowl or ramekin, serve Au jus gravy from your roast along side of your French Dip Chaffle. Delish! Enjoy!

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