Real Estate Photography

In 2020, a new area of photography was sparked within me. For many reasons, I decided to try my hand at Real Estate Photography during this chapter of my life. I did a lot of research and connected with various agents.

It just so happened, that my son and daughter-to-love was selling their home at this point of my venture. Their selling agent was having trouble getting their photographer to show up. This was my chance to prove that I could take professional real estate photos. Whether it was my photos or the work of the agent, the home had showings within 12 hours of the listing being posted, and an offer was made the same day. Regardless, the agent was very pleased with my photos, and drone footage (video).

I immediately partnered with local agents. All where surprised of my prompt turn around time (within hours). I found out real quick that photographers in the real estate industry are not always time conscious. I believe that time is of the essence when you are trying to sell a home for your clients. Being prompt with appointments and providing the final photos in a timely manner is a non-negotiable for me.

I continually get praise for noticing when things are not “in their place” or as tidy as they should be within the home or on the property. If I can see these things through my camera lens, they will be noticed greatly in showings and at open houses. Having a great “eye to detail” is definitely a strong suit. I ultimately want my agent to be able to place the “SOLD” sign on the property.

Partnering with an agent is more than passing along high quality photos. It’s networking and sharing the listing. Just as agents refer me to their fellow agents, I share their listings with potential buyers, or connections looking to sell their home.

Additional Services: Selling a home can bring lots of emotions. I work with families to capture those final moments of leaving one chapter and starting another.

I would love to discuss your real estate photography needs further. Please contact me at [email protected] .

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